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Chairman¡¯s Message

With the attention, support and help of all walks of the society, Reanda Certified Public Accountants (hereinafter ¡°Reanda¡±) has experienced a continuous success and come to the fore in the tough market competition, growing bigger in a healthy, stable, sustainable and harmonious way. I, on behalf of myself and the Board of Directors, will take this opportunity to extend my heartfelt gratitude to those that have offered support to Reanda, and pay a high tribute and earnest appreciation to all the employees of Reanda for their arduous efforts and great contributions.

Fifteen years have passed since the foundation of Reanda in 1993. During these years, Reanda members fought their way towards success thus making exceptional performance and development. Since Reanda detached itself from the Ministry of Foreign Trade and Economic Cooperation, it has been adhering to scale-based, standardized and international development strategy. Based on the principles of "healthy, stable, sustainable and harmonious" development as its operational concept, Reanda abides by professional ethics and keeps increasing its risk awareness and practicing levels. It has developed into a group accounting network with high reputation and good professional ethics in the global CPA trade, and ranks among the national Top 10 CPA firms. Thus, 15 years of efforts has made today¡¯s glory.

¡°Challenging road lies ahead, and I will step forward afresh¡±. Under the new situation, CPA trade is facing new challenges and opportunities. In response to the call of Chinese government to ¡°try to be bigger and stronger and enter international markets¡±, Reanda members have the belief that, only through unremitting efforts and by holding fast to the scarce market development opportunity can we manage and overcome every possible risk to achieve new prospects of the "healthy, stable, sustainable and harmonious" development. Reanda members are confident of assuming the historical task as a new social class and progress hand-in-hand with our counterparts in CPA trade, both at home and abroad, and make due contribution to building a harmonious society and promoting a healthy and stable development of the national economy.



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