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Enterprise Share System Reconstruction and Listing Service
Reanda has an intimate knowledge of the laws and regulations relevant to securities¡¯ market to assist in enterprise share system reconstruction and listing service:

  • Perform pre-listing feasibility study;
  • Assist enterprises in completing pre-work for listing inside and outside China including offering professional opinions on reconstruction scheme;
  • Perform auditing, capital verification, asset assessment and profit prediction auditing for enterprise share system reconstruction or during listing.

Auditing Services
Reanda knows well Chinese and international (including American) accounting standards, accepting engagement from local and overseas investors to offer auditing services:

  • Audit the annual accounting statements of listed companies, large SOEs, foreign-invested enterprises and private enterprises;
  • Perform capital verification;
  • Provide auditing services in the matters of enterprise merge, division and liquidation;
  • Perform auditing for other matters set out in laws and regulations including auditing for consolidated financial statements, annual inspection of foreign exchange account, enterprise economic benefit auditing, auditing of managers when they leave their posts, judicial authentication, and other authentication business.

Asset Evaluation Service
Reanda will provide specialized institutions and persons to offer asset evaluation services to listing and non-listing business in the following circumstances:

  • Asset auction, transfer, pledge, security and lease;
  • Enterprise merger, sale, pooling and liquidation;
  • Enterprise share system reconstruction ;
  • Other circumstances where assets evaluation is required according to the provisions of the State.

Management Consultation Service

  • Collect and provide the latest domestic and foreign information on finance, accounting standards and policy;
  • Prepare financial reports, economic evaluation and feasibility study reports for enterprise economic activities such as management, restructuring, investment and liquidation;
  • Provide economic activity analysis, financial management consultation, management decision consultation, accounting and financial consultation;
  • Provide local and overseas trainings for financial accountants, auditors, asset valuers, and financial information system operators;
  • Audit internal control system and financial accounting system of domestic and foreign enterprises, and serve as a perennial accounting consultant of enterprises;
  • Serve as a financial consultant for domestic or foreign listing of enterprises, and assist enterprises in preparing accounting statements based on different accounting standards.

Enterprise Investment, Financing, Merger & Acquisition Consultation Services

  • Seek proper strategic investors, private equity accepters, or acquisition/merger targets;
  • Assist in negotiation about acquisition/merger;
  • Provide solutions to financial and accounting problems involved in acquisition/ merger, and carry out credit investigation;
  • Offer professional opinions on acquisition/merger schemes and reconstruction schemes.

Taxation Service
Reanda has special departments in charge of taxation design, engagement and authentication and provide the following special taxation services:

  • Perform enterprise and individual tax registration, tax report, and tax handling on their behalf;
  • Serve as a taxation consultant, provide information on taxation policies and regulations as well as taxation planning advice, and apply for tax credit on behalf of enterprises;
  • Serve as a taxation agent, offer settlement by negotiation of dispute arising between tax-collecting and tax-paying parties, and handle administrative reconsideration on taxation;
  • Perform taxation authentication;
  • Make domestic and foreign taxation planning;
  • Prepare taxation strategic planning.

Industrial & Commercial and Accounting Services
Reanda has a good knowledge of applicable laws and regulations of China and may provide industrial and commercial services:

  • Act as an agent for bookkeeping;
  • Make enterprise registration;
  • Make the registration of change of registered capital;
  • Make the registration of change of corporate name;
  • Make the registration of change of directors and shareholders.

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