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Global Footprint and Exposure

Reanda has been walking on the road towards international development ever since its foundation. It attaches importance to absorbing advanced experiences of international accounting business to quicken its steps to be in line with the international accounting business. Reanda lays emphasis on international communication and cooperation. Dozens of research groups have been sent to America, Canada, France, Switzerland, and other countries and regions in succession to learn from the experience in the same profession and exchange ideas with them. Long-term connection is established with many world-known accounting firms and foreign enterprises. Reanda is chosen by the sixth largest international accounting firm, RSM International, to be its connection firm in China, and by the fifth largest international accounting firm, BDO International, to be its important member firm in China.

With the rapid development of Chinese capital market, Chinese enterprises continue to expand their foreign investment and financing. Since China¡¯s entry into WTO, the market of accounting services has opened to foreign firms, and accounting firms developed quickly as intermediary institutes, which requires Chinese certified public accountants urgently to adopt a development strategy of going to the outside world. Reanda supports and responds actively to the call of ¡°becoming large and strong and going out¡± as advocated by Ministry of Finance and CICPA, explores the development road of going out energetically, and begins the preparation to establish an international network with Chinese local brand, Reanda International.

The Board of Directors of Reanda proposes that the famous Chinese brand, Reanda International, will take shape in the following two to three years, in the purpose of setting up 5-10 member offices in Asia, Europe, and America. By 2008, Reanda has founded an international network preparation group, which is carrying out active and effective communication and negotiation with several accounting firms in Hong Kong, U.S.A., Canada, Kazakhstan, and other countries and regions. All work is in smooth progress.



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